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Welcome to BO-12

You have been sent here as one of the pioneers of interdimensional research.

However, the portal closed and you have been cut-off from its power source! Luckily, we’ve got just the right fix for you.

Collect the gems from crystals scattered around this procedurally generated world, but beware! Your weapon has only so much juice in it and has to be recharged at one of our certified active recharge stations, and the crystals are filled with dangerous, flying, exploding dino heads!

Doubt you’ll be able to do it? We’ll throw in our top-of-none-class grappling rope!

Have enough crystals already? Jam them into our pending-approval interdimensional portal! and travel back home safely!

Created in 72 hours for the 48th Ludum Dare Game Jam.

Players’ goal

  • Gather 6 gems by destroying crystals scattered around the level.
  • Use the sonar to locate active weapon recharging stations if your weapon runs out of ammo.
  • Activate the portal at the bottom of the level and jump in.
  • Don’t die in the process.


  • WSAD - Movement
  • LEFT CLICK - Fire weapon
  • RIGHT CLICK - Attach rope (You are pulled towards the rope once ungrounded - i.e. jump. The rope stays attached as long as you are holding RMB down.)
  • Q - Send out a sonar
  • E - Interact with stuff
  • ESCAPE - Return to main menu

You reload by recharging your weapon at one of the active recharge stations. Active recharge stations can be found using the sonar (Q)

Made by themorfeus and _j4nw


Deep BO-12 (Windows 64 bit) 35 MB


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I really dig this. With a little more polish it could have such a fantastic game feel.

When loading, the screen just turns black.

(1 edit)

Are you talking about the webgl, or the download? The WebGL may have some issues, it's not a small game to load in the browser 😅

webgl because my computer's trash =D